The need for professionals who can play a vital role in planning, developing and maintaining health information systems for a variety of facilities is rapidly growing. It takes dedicated, talented, and visionary people to integrate technology and healthcare. As technology progresses, federal mandates specify that patient data and healthcare information be available digitally.

Our undergraduate program in Health Informatics and Health Information Management will position you for a lucrative and rewarding career in health information management. The Master of Science in Health Care Informatics will prepare you to become a leader in the clinical, management and business aspects of health informatics.

CAHIIM Accredited Program
What to expect with a healthcare informatics degree.

Explore the field’s diverse career options and how to get there.

Immerse Yourself in the Student Experience

As part of our healthcare informatics programs, you’ll have access to student and professional organizations, fellowships and study abroad. Find out more about our immersive student experience.

In the News

UCF Professor Develops Tech to Improve Patient Care, Billing Reimbursement Rates

New technology for electronic medical records is now available for companies to use thanks to patent and license options. ...

UCF Faculty Collecting COVID-19 Data for World Health Organization

Lynn Unruh and Andriy Koval are collecting data for the World Health Organization about the US response to the coronavirus pandemic. ...

Software Systems Support Financially-Strained Rural Clinics, Gain Copyrights

Small clinics across the country are closing, especially in rural areas, leaving residents without healthcare nearby. Varadraj Gurupur, who is an associate professor of health management and informatics, says the ...

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