Internationally Focused

We serve as CCIE’s primary resource for students, faculty, and staff to gain experiences abroad that enhance learning and teaching.

CCIE extends far beyond the classroom. We actively promote opportunities for study, research, and service abroad, as well as in our local classrooms and communities. We consider international engagement as a strong foundation for effective scholarship in a global community. We are committed to fostering intellectual engagement and growth every step along the way in your journey here at UCF.

These international experiences serve to prepare students, faculty, and staff for leadership and lives of service in an increasingly interdependent and culturally diverse world.

We invite you to participate in this journey.

Whether you are a U.S. based student looking to study abroad, or a faculty member seeking to broaden your global expertise, we are here to help.
student traveling abroad

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Collaboration with Colleagues

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Professional Development

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Teaching Resources

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