The Morgridge International Reading Center at the University of Central Florida was selected as the state of Florida's research center to examine the impact of offering the Istation Reading program to elementary school students. The research project focuses on students enrolled in the Istation Reading program in Florida schools. All Florida schools and school districts are invited to take part in the Istation Research program through the Morgridge International Reading Center at the University of Central Florida on a voluntary basis until the research capacity of 500,000 students is filled.

The Istation research project provides Florida public and charter schools access to Istation’s interactive multimedia reading program at no cost to the schools or families. The Istation reading curriculum program includes assessments to monitor students’ progress. Teachers use the real time assessment and usage reports to make data-based decisions for their students. The program provides teacher-directed lessons and interventions based on students’ needs.

Florida students have access to the Istation reading curriculum at school and at home. Through the Parent Portal, Florida families and caregivers can actively view and monitor their child’s progress and have access to support materials and activities to provide support to their child at home. The Home component includes a virtual library of reading materials that the students have already completed using the Istation reading program.

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