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PEER faculty and program affiliates have strong experience in planning, directing, and conducting evaluations; development of surveys and test assessment; production of training materials; training; and analysis of outcome measures. PEER's support is provided according to the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation's The Program Evaluation Standards (Yarbrough, Shulha, Hopson, & Caruthers, 2011) and the Guiding Principles for Evaluators established by the American Evaluation Association (AEA).

PEER evaluators design and diligently carry out numerous evaluations for the purposes of informing educational and social policy, conducted large- and small-scale data collections in educational settings, analyze data sets, and summarize complex evaluation findings for policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

We offer numerous services to meet project needs, including

  • Needs assessments
  • Usability studies
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Efficacy studies
  • Usability studies
  • Implementation analysis
  • Outcome evaluation
  • Instrument design
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Professional presentations
  • Report writing
  • Data and systems analysis
  • Assistance with evaluation/assessment portions of grant writing
  • Logic modeling

Some methods, for example surveys and interviews, can be carried out using web-based tools. Typically, evaluations can involve developing logic models, designing experimental methods and/or instruments, conducting pilot studies, and analyzing data using accepted statistical or qualitative techniques. See a sample of projects evaluated by PEER, listed by sponsor.

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