Program Evaluation and Educational Research Group (PEER), is an approved service center at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Since it was first established in 2003, the group has successfully evaluated over $50 million in sponsored grant programs. The mission of PEER is to provide program evaluation and related educational research and reporting services to community agency programs and other sponsored programs being conducted both within and outside UCF. As part of one of America's leading metropolitan research universities, PEER is committed to the pursuit of excellence and intellectual growth and has many dedicated resources around the educational sector. PEER staff include the PEER director, UCF faculty members, outside consultants, and graduate research assistants. PEER has strong experience in planning, directing, and conducting evaluation; development of surveys and test assessments; producing training materials; and the analysis of outcome measures. This along with formal academic training and years of experience in evaluation, research design, curriculum design, and assessment, make PEER particularly well suited to meet program requirements for project evaluation.

Evaluation Costs

PEER's proposed budget is written to be appropriate based on the sponsor's requirements, the statement of work, and the effort needed to answer the evaluation questions and/or show how well the project meets its intended outcomes. Historically, evaluation costs have ranged from 5% of the overall budget for an outcome evaluation, to up to 15% for more rigorous evaluations. Specific amounts are negotiated based on the estimated cost. PEER often gets involved at the proposal stage so that the agreed upon work plan can be included in the client's grant proposal.

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