As owner of Fit Speed Chicago, Carissa Johnson believes that exercise, nutrition and mental health work together to successfully achieve overall health.

Johnson grew up in a food-centric family. Some of her fondest and earliest memories are sitting at the dinner table each night with no phone and no tv — no distractions. Her mother was her first culinary mentor. She taught Johnson how to separate an egg, what a “pinch” of salt meant and how to turn anything pulled from her father’s garden into a beautiful meal.

Johnson received both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Central Florida, where she explored her love for psychology and nonprofit management. After nearly two decades of service to the community, Johnson has since gone back to her roots of education and food — through nutrition. As a certified trainer and health coach, Johnson addresses health concerns and works with clients to make behavioral, nutritional and physical changes to promote better health and wellness.

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