Dr. Jaime Best possesses over 15 years of dedicated experience in special education and Applied Behavioral Analysis. Dr. Best earned a Ph.D. in Exceptional Education from the University of Central Florida, marking a crucial milestone in her career advancement and continued pursuit of excellence.

Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Best earned a Master of Science degree in Special Education from Simmons College. Additionally, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Bridgewater State University.

Throughout her career, Dr. Best has held pivotal roles in various institutions, contributing her expertise and passion to improve the educational landscape.

Currently serving as the program director of Inclusive Education Services at UCF, Dr. Best continues to be a driving force in fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals with exceptional needs to reach their full potential. Her unwavering commitment to advancing special education, coupled with her profound knowledge in Applied Behavioral Analysis has established her as a highly regarded figure in her field.

Dr. Jaime Best's dedication to positively impacting lives through education remains an enduring hallmark of her professional journey.