Lance Penny is an Academic Success Coach with the CCIE- Academic Success Coaching Office. Upon completing his undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico, Lance relocated to Central Florida where he began a 20-year career in Secondary Education. Lance served in many assignments ranging from Math Instructor, Faculty Mentor, Athletic Coach, to Administrative Dean. Lance received his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida in 2008, which he used to become an Assistant Principal. In 2021 Lance decided to change his career path and focus on higher education. He returned to UCF to complete two Graduate Certificate, one in Instructional Design and the other in College Teaching and Leadership. Lance is a proud father of 3 wonderful children who are his greatest accomplishments. Lance is avid sports fan who loves to cheer on his teams from the Washington D.C. and Maryland area, when he is not watching his UCF Knights of course. Go Knights! Charge On!