Gifted Education FAQ

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Return to previous page. When are the courses offered? The courses are only offered in these semesters. Sequence Semester Course Topic in Gifted Education First Fall EGI6051 Understanding Second Fall EGI6245 Curriculum Third Spring EGI6246 Diversity Fourth Spring EGI6417 Counseling Fifth Summer EGI6305 Creativity   What is the recommended sequence for taking the courses? While […]

Gifted Education Resources

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Return to previous page. INTERNATIONAL World Council for Gifted and Talented Children NATIONAL National Association for Gifted Children National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented National Association for Able Children In Education – NACE (UK) European Council for High Ability Asian-Pacific Federation on Giftedness FLORIDA Florida Association for Gifted Children Florida Gifted Network Florida […]

Gifted Education Projects

February 20, 2018 by
Project ELEVATE International Projects Return to previous page. Project ELEVATE Project ELEVATE is a Jacob K. Javits U.S. Department of Education collaborative grant between UCF and Seminole County Public Schools. The $2.4 million grant award was approved for 5 years (2015-2020). Objectives of Project ELEVATE (English Learner Excellence Evolving through Advanced Teacher Education) include the […]

Gifted Education Faculty

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Program Coordinator Faculty Advocates Return to previous page. Gifted Education Program Coordinator and Instructor Gillian Eriksson, Ph.D. Associate Lecturer Gifted Education Profile UCF Faculty Advocates for Advanced and Gifted Education (ADAGE) Malcolm Butler, Ph.D. Professor Science Education Profile Lisa Dieker, Ph.D. Pegasus Professor and Lockheed Martin Eminent Scholar Chair Exceptional Student Education Profile Donita Grissom, […]

Gifted Education Home

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Programs Faculty Advocates What does it mean to be “gifted?” How are teaching strategies for gifted students different from effective practices relevant for all students? What special needs do diverse gifted students display? What unique socio-emotional needs of gifted students should be considered in counseling? How can we generate creative productivity in gifted students? These questions […]