The faculty of the University of Central Florida School Psychology Program, as representatives of the mental health profession, strongly believe that students, in order to achieve a successful training, must function in a stress-free environment that is conducive to maximize their individual potential. Therefore, the following support services are available:


Recruitment of potential school psychology students has been established internally and externally.

  • Internal - Faculty of the College of Community Innovation and Education and the Department of Psychology identify and approach undergraduate students who in their professional judgment possess the academic, moral and ethical standards required by the program.
  • External - Alumni from our program have taken it upon themselves to identify and approach educators who have proven to possess the above mentioned characteristics.


Since the School Psychology program has limited enrollment, periodic information sessions are conducted to inform interested students about the program requirements and expectations.


The UCF Office of Graduate Studies and the School Psychology Program work in a collaborative fashion to facilitate the paperwork that normally occurs at this level. The Office of Graduate Studies has developed an "admission packet" that is informative and easy to complete.


Students are periodically advised of course offerings, place and time. Files are updated and reviewed each semester. Office hours are indicated in course outlines and strictly adhered to. Appointments are also available throughout the entire semester. Quite often, past graduates contact our office in regard to available courses for recertification.


School Psychology faculty offer psychological counsel, such as personal and family matters, as well as financial advisement through scholarships and graduate assistantships. This service is provided upon request and conducted in the strictest confidence and under the ethical guidelines required by the profession.


Faculty are available to consult graduates who might need assistance during their transition into the profession and subsequent professional practice.

Peer networking

Students are encouraged to become active members of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the Florida Association of School Psychologists (FASP). With student's consent, a directory is created and provided to them with the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mails (if available) of students in training in order to request and receive peer support and establish professional relationships.

Job Placement

During the student's last semester, a letter is e-mailed to all Florida School District of Psychological Services introducing the graduating class and inviting them to contact graduates if suitable positions become available in their school districts. Information related to their training is also included. Faculty members are available to write personal letters of recommendation on behalf of the graduate to prospective employers.


The School Psychologist Program retains information of our alumni back to the 1987 graduating class. They are encouraged to notify our office of any changes due to employment relocation and/or new residence.