Behavior Indicator Training

The Behavior Indicator Training program was designed for all educators in the state of Florida, to provide effective knowledge dissemination relating to common mental health disorders and difficulties experienced by youth (e.g., anxiety disorders, bullying, depressive disorders, substance abuse, suicidality and self-injurious behavior). A primary goal of the program is to promote all educators’ mental health literacy in the state of Florida, increasing earlier identification and intervention for youth struggling with mental disorders, and reducing their propensity to do harm to themselves and others.

Center for Play Therapy Research and Training

The Center for Play Therapy Research and Training promotes best practices for serving children through the process of play therapy, a developmentally, responsive approach to counseling children through immersion in the community. The Center has developed partnerships with local schools to provide play therapy services to children in need and evaluating the effectiveness of this approach through research.

Community Counseling and Research Center

The Community Counseling and Research Center, housed in the Education Complex, offers free, individual, couple and family counseling sessions, and on occasion, group-counseling programs.

  • Prepare competent counseling professionals.
  • Provide higher quality community outreach and service.
  • Produce research and scholarship that has an impact.
    • The influence of school-based mental health counseling services on elementary school students and their families: A partnership between SCPS and UCF CCIE, IRB Number: SBE-15-11547
    • Behavior Indicator Training (BIT): A partnership between SCPS and the UCF CCIE, YouTube

Counseling Services for Children and Families at Hamilton, Midway, and Pine Crest Elementary Schools

The primary purpose of the Seminole County Public Schools (SPCS) & UCF College of Community Innovation and Education (UCF-CCIE) Partnership is to provide counseling services at no cost to students and their families within their own community (elementary schools), promoting their academic and personal-social development. The counseling services are provided at Hamilton, Midway, and Pine Crest Elementary Schools. The counseling sessions last approximately 50 minutes and include weekly meetings. The counseling sessions are facilitated by master's and doctoral level counselors-in-training that are under the direct supervision of an appropriately credentialed clinical supervisor. Please contact us if you are interested in having your child participate in this research and to receive counseling services at no cost. Services are provided at Hamilton Elementary Shool of Engineering and Technology and Midway Elementary School of the Arts.

Marriage & Family Research Institute

The UCF Marriage & Family Research Institute was established in 2003 to facilitate the development of research and clinical initiatives to support healthy relationships for individuals and couples.


  • To secure external funding for inquiry and evaluation to better understand and support individuals, couples and families.
  • To generate pioneering knowledge and skills to inform evidenced based practice related to individuals, couples and families.
  • To disseminate impactful scholarship and sustain a vibrant learning organization.
  • To build and maintain strong community engaged partnerships that support the greater Orlando community.
  • To promote diversity and provide accessible and inclusive services to all individuals, couples and families.

Project 375

PROJECT 375 is an extraordinary leader in the mental health space. Founded in 2012 by NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi, PROJECT 375 is a national non-profit dedicated to unlocking human potential through conversation, education, and inspiration. PROJECT 375 leaders are working with our Counselor Education program to offer free mental health first aid sessions for UCF students and community members across Central Florida.

Robert N. Heintzelman Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair

The Robert N. Heintzelman Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair was established to promote the understanding and prevention of greed and to foster the development of altruism. The primary purpose of the endowment is to support the chair in conducting basic and applied research in order to better understand the causes of greed in humankind and determine appropriate methods to eliminate greed.

UCF-Aspire Behavioral Health Internship Programs

The UCF-Aspire Behavioral Health Internship Programs aim to expand the behavioral health workforce in the Central Florida area. Funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the programs provide funded internships in behavioral health treatment agencies, including opioid and other substance use disorder treatment, for graduate students in the UCF Counselor Education program.

UCF-Aspire Recovery Support Specialist Program

The UCF-Aspire Recovery Support Specialist Training Program is a federally funded program provided through the UCF Counselor Education program. The Recovery Support Specialist Internship aims to increase the number of paraprofessionals trained to work in integrated, interprofessional teams that provide services to individuals with opioid use disorders and other substance use disorders and their families in high need areas.

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