The UCF Center for Research in Education Simulation Technology (CREST) is based upon UCF leading the field of research and education in simulation, including TeachLivE™, an innovative approach that allows people to practice their human-to-human interaction skills, including those associated with teaching. The center brings together unique, internationally recognized research, relationships and infrastructure that grew from the collaborative efforts of individual faculty members. The center expands upon the initial work of TeachLivE™ in new and innovative areas. It also provides the technology services to sites using TeachLivE™ as well as other products evolving from our partnerships. These services will include the improvement, expansion, maintenance and use of the UCF-developed education-focused simulation technologies for research and practice across the United States and around the globe.

available anywhere all over the world: virtual reality, mobile devices, custom spaces, laptop computers, desktop computers

What We Do

virtual classroom with teacher and children interacting

Interactive Performance

  • Enabling human connections through virtual technologies
  • Creating authentic virtual interactions
  • Refining digital performance techniques for education

Simulation Research & Technology

  • Assisting in implementation of research-based teaching practices
  • Enabling realistic interactions with believable virtual humans
  • Analyzing verbal and nonverbal responses of VR participants
  • Affording observations/annotations in support of reflective learning
  • Performing supportive research in machine learning and HCI
virtual image of robotic hands in front of chid students raising hands at their desks
virtual meeting room with man presenting

Teacher Preparation & Development

  • Continued Research & Development efforts at UCF
  • Conducting personalized coaching and mentoring
  • Ensuring the preparation of effective teachers
  • Development of research on various forms of simulation to the field of education


  • Customizing virtual responses for every learner
  • UCF-patented virtual environment and paradigm for teacher preparation
  • Support for teacher practice in a “safe” environment
  • Commercialization to over 90 partners around the globe
virtual classroom with group of children smiling


Partners across the country continue to use this cutting-edge technology for innovative uses. For more information about CREST or any questions specific to TeachLivE™, please contact us at


CREST is currently housed in the Teaching Academy on UCF’s main campus, which includes office space and equipment aligned with numerous simulation activities (computers, HMDs, Spire, etc.). The center is staffed by an administrative assistant, post-doctoral scholar and director of education and training.

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