Is the Master of Arts in Applied Learning and Instruction a full-time program?

No. Most classes in the MA-ALI program are scheduled during the evening, and a few classes are either partially or fully web-based. Any student may enroll in the program full time, but it is not required. Once admitted, the student is expected to enroll continuously, excluding summer sessions. If a program of study must be interrupted, the student may apply for leave status not to exceed one calendar year.

When are the classes offered?

Most of the courses offered in the MA-ALI program are taught at night. However, occasionally a student may wish to take a class offered during the day for a cognate (course outside the specialization area). It must be a master’s level course in order to be accepted into the program of study.

Is this degree offered fully online?

There are some classes offered online for the MA-ALI program. However, this program is not fully online. Plan to meet for face to face classes. The graduate catalog lists the times for these classes. Generally, they are from 6pm to 9pm. Some classes are mixed-mode, meaning online and face to face meetings. In this case, there is reduced face to face time.

Please review the Plan of Study for a list of some mixed-mode and online courses offered.

How much does it cost?

Please check the UCF website for updates on current tuition fees:

Do I have to take the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination is not an entrance requirement for MA-ALI program applicants.

My degree is not in Education. Can I apply anyway?

YES! This program is aimed at a diverse group of students whose common interest is in understanding learning and improving instruction. A background in education or psychology is helpful, but not necessary.

Why is this degree right for me?

A MA in ALI degree will provide opportunities to enhance your effectiveness
in traditional educational or business arenas.

  • In this program, you will learn about:
  • how people learn
  • what motivates people to learn
  • development in children and adults
  • critical thinking to solve instructional problems
  • promoting change in old ways of thinking

If you are interested in teaching or instruction, whether it be at a school, business, or other forum, this degree program will allow you to examine and apply the latest educational research.

What careers are possible with a MA in Applied Learning and Instruction?

Quite a few! ALI graduates are qualified for careers in areas such as teaching, organizational effectiveness, human resources, program evaluation, educational research, business or educational consulting, or other careers in educational psychology.