Project ELEVATE is a Jacob K. Javits U.S. Department of Education collaborative grant between UCF and Seminole County Public Schools. The $2.4 million grant award was approved for 5 years (2015-2020).

Objectives of Project ELEVATE (English Learner Excellence Evolving through Advanced Teacher Education) include the identification of underserved, economically disadvantaged and English Learners, in 12 schools selected from Title I contexts in Seminole County.

The UCF Project ELEVATE team, under the direction of UCF PI Dr. Gillian Eriksson includes UCF CO-PI Research Dr. Haiyan Bai and graduate assistant Jennifer Sanguiliano. Content area specialists include: Dr. Vicky Zygouris Coe (Language and Literacy, Year 1-3), Dr. Selcuk Haciomeroglu (Mathematics, Year 1-2), Dr. Debra McGann (STEAM and Arts Integration, Year 3), Dr. Malcolm Butler (Science, Year 1), Dr. Megan Nickles (STEM, Year 2 -3) Dr. Joyce Nutta (ELL, Year 1), Dr. Kerry Purmensky (ELL, Year 2), Dr. Donita Grissom (ELL, Year 3).

International Projects

CPAW - Cyberspace Pals Across the World

Cyberspace Pals provides opportunities for people in educational and community institutions to share their experiences, ideas and knowledge in a variety of collaborative learning environments to enhance global understanding.

The Teacher mentoring project links Teachers of the Year and other Faculty with students who are completing study abroad programs or who are teaching in other countries.

Student to Student – links students in focused discussions around core themes. Currently there are teams of students from Australia, Mexico and Haiti participating.