Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education, Instructional Design & Technology Track is a research-oriented degree designed for full-time students who seek faculty positions in research-oriented colleges and universities, management and staff positions in research centers, or research-oriented positions in business and industry. The Instructional Design and Technology track in the Education PhD program prepares students for teaching and research in the field of instructional design and technology, instructional systems, educational technology, and e-learning in professions such as university professors, corporate directors of training and human resources, and corporate researchers.


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Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum and Instruction

The Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum and Instruction with an Instructional Design and Technology Specialization is a professional practice doctorate. It is problem-based and designed for practitioners who aspire to positions of influence through their engagement in the development of others. The Curriculum and Instruction EdD program is intended for individuals who are engaged in the practice of education in a variety of settings including schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and industry.


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Additional Doctoral Program Considerations

If your prior Master's degree is not in Instructional Design & Technology or closely related field such as Educational Technology, you may need to take some prerequisites.

The table lists essential prerequisite areas for both the PhD and EdD programs of study. You may need to take comparable coursework as prerequisites (beyond the 69 hours of coursework that is prescribed as a minimum) if you have not taken a graduate level course in the areas listed in Column 1.

Prerequisite Areas

Comparable UCF Coursework

Graduate Level Statistics

EDF6401 Statistics for Ed. Data

Project Management

EME6705 Administration of Inst. Systems

Needs Assessment, Change and Non-Training Interventions

EME6607 Planned Change

Graduate Level Research (General Research Methods)

EDF6481 Fundamentals of Grad. Research

Graduate Level Research (in Instructional Technology)

EME6062 Research in IT

Instructional Systems Design (Analysis & Design)

EME6613 Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design (Development & Evaluation)

EME6226 Inst Development and Evaluation

Basic Multimedia and Digital Media Production

EME6507 Multimedia for Ed. and Training

Test Item Development

EDF6432 Measurement and Evaluation

Instructional Technology Trends and Issues

EME6055 Current Trends and Issues in IT