The University of Central Florida was honored with a significant major gift from the Morgridge Family Foundation to establish the Morgridge International Reading Center at the university's UCF College of Community Innovation and Education. The gift, made by John and Carrie Morgridge and the Morgridge Family Foundation, supported construction of the facility and the establishment of a professional learning environment that will be home to a collective international effort to enhance literacy acquisition and instruction PK-20.

The Morgridge International Reading Center is a dynamic complex for the free exchange of ideas and information to improve literacy acquisition and instruction. Our main goal is to advance literacy through communication, collaboration, learning, and research.

The Morgridge International Reading Center is responsible for coordinating national and global efforts to enhance literacy acquisition and instruction. The Center will facilitate collaboration among authors, practitioner and research scholars, leading to the implementation of action-based programs formulated on evidence-based research, and focused on teaching all students to read well. Through research, the Center will establish linkage between theory and practice, creating a synergy that will unfold worldwide in school learning environments.

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Literacy is the ability to characterize, confirm, comprehend, clarify, create, calculate, and convey information by whatever sources available for individuals to thrive in a given society and culture.