Enrique A. Puig has over 36 years of experience in education with experiences varying from K-12 classroom teaching, literacy coaching, to Reading Recovery®. He has been recognized as a Title I Distinguished Educator by the Florida Department of Education and worked as an education consultant for numerous school districts from Washington to the U.S. Virgin Islands and major publishing companies. He has presented on various aspects of K-12 literacy acquisition and instruction at state, regional, national and international conferences (New Zealand, England, Ireland, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Austria, Spain, and Scotland). Currently, Enrique is the director of the UCF Morgridge International Reading Center. He teaches undergraduate and graduate K-12 Content Area Reading and Diagnostic Reading courses in the College of Education and Human Performance at the University of Central Florida. He is co-author of The Literacy Coach: Guiding in the Right Direction, 2 ed. (Allyn & Bacon/ Pearson), The Literacy Leadership Team: Sustaining and Expanding Success (Allyn & Bacon/ Pearson) and author of Guided Reading and Spanish-speaking Children (Scholastic). He is currently the program subcommittee chair for the literacy coaching strand of the Reading Recovery and Literacy K-6 2017 conference and President-Elect for the Florida Reading Association.

Areas of Expertise
  • Literacy acquisition and instruction
  • Literacy coaching
  • Diagnostic reading

Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction
University of Central Florida


Research Interests
  • Adolescent literacy intervention
  • Zone of Mesial Development
  • Zone of Distal Development