Use this guide to help navigate the IRB submission process. Please feel free to contact us at or 407-823-4280 if you have further questions.

What method are you using to gather data?

I'm using existing data or the focus of my project is not on/about humans

Existing data is either publicly available data, or data that already has IRB approval. Projects not on/about humans focus only on products, methods, policies, procedures, or organizations



I'm collecting data

I'm collecting data from children (younger than 18 years old)

I'm collecting data from children (18 years old or older)

Is your study minimal risk?

Minimal risk means there is minimal risk to the study participants. If your study involves taking blood, biomedical procedures, use of drugs or devices, putting an unusual amount of stress on the participant, or if the participant(s) have a disability, are pregnant, or are prisoners, your study is not minimal risk.