Proposal Submission

5 Things to Remember When Submitting a Proposal for Sponsored Research Funding


The college’s Research Administration Services Team (RAST) recommends that faculty members submit a letter of intent no later than 15 days prior to the submission deadline using the college’s submit a proposal form.


The final budget and all documents required for the submission must be submitted to the RAST no later than 10 days before the submission deadline. We will assist you in developing a budget.

For External Collaborations: A sub-recipient letter of intent with supporting documents must be included with the proposal no less than 10 days before the deadline. This form must be signed by the sub-recipient institutional official (electronic signature allowed). Supporting documents must include the following:

  • Sub-recipient budget with indirect costs
  • Budget justification
  • Statement of work
  • Any documents required by the sponsoring agency

A PTF must be submitted online through ARGIS with the budget and all proposal documents. UCF Office of Research will not submit proposals that miss the five-day deadline without prior authorization of the college’s Associate Dean for Research and the UCF Associate Vice President for Research.

UCF Office of Research will conduct an initial review of the proposal documents and provide comments via the ARGIS system.


RAST will address all ARGIS review comments and provide any final revisions to the documents. The Office of Research requires all of the documents to be certified 48 hours before submission, which will be completed by RAST. All comments and any revisions must be completed, and the proposal must be in final format for submission.

The PTF must be fully routed and at the document certification stage two days before submission.


UCF Office of Research will submit the formal proposal to the sponsor agency after RAST and PI approves the final submission. The proposal will be submitted by an Authorized Official Representation (AOR).

Grant Purchases

How do I make a purchase?
First, fill out a Purchase Requisition Form (PRF). Contact the Research Administrative Services Team for a copy of this form. To complete the form, you will need the project/department number, vendor information, item description and amount. The PRF must be sent to RAST for approval.


  • Purchase made by an authorized cardholder
  • Submit all receipts to the authorized cardholder

Purchase Order

A purchase order will be provided to purchaser or sent to vendor.

  • The item(s) are ordered
  • Receive the item
  • Submit vendor invoices online for payment via vendor payables


  • Include with your PRF all receipts for payment
  • Amount is reimbursed via check
  • Reimbursements typically used for travel expenses such as per diem, mileage, taxi, tolls, etc.

Technology Purchases
Technology purchases are facilitated through your department coordinator and UCF IT. The department coordinator will prepare an order form, place the order and inform RAST of any purchases made with sponsored funds.

  • The department coordinator will receive the item from the carrier and give the item to the end user. Taggable items require a tag from CCIE Facilities.
  • Department coordinators will request UCF IT service for any technology products that require setup or installation.

Travel on Sponsored Research Projects

  1. Submit your travel plans, via the TAR, to your department coordinator. In advance of 30 days of travel, the traveler completes the Travel Authorization (TAR) for sponsored research projects and has it signed by their supervisor.
    The signed form must be turned in to your department coordinator and will be reviewed for budget compliance and availability. Please refer to instructions on how to fill out the TAR form.

    Send a copy of the completed form to your department chair for review/approval.
  2. RAST will approve travel requisitions. Once the TAR is filled out and signed by the traveler, supervisor and/or PI, it should be scanned and attached to the requisition. Once the requisition is submitted by the departmental staff, RAST will approve the requisition in PeopleSoft. Travel over $2,500 or any international travel will be routed to UCF Office of Research for approval. If you receive follow-up questions or are asked for more justification from UCF Office of Research and do not know how to answer, please reach out to the RAST office for assistance. NOTE: RAST approval will only be done in PeopleSoft, it is not necessary to have RAST staff sign the physical TAR.
  3. Your department coordinator will assist the traveler with travel arrangements. Once a purchase order has been created, you can meet with your department coordinator to make flight and hotel arrangements and register you for your conference. Please be mindful of UCF Travel regulations (such as hotel daily limits, rental car limits, etc.)
  4. After travel is complete, please work with your departmental staff to coordinate the reimbursement. Please see Reimbursement of Travel Expenses form.


    ● Include all receipts for payment, including taxi, tolls, baggage fees, etc.
    ● Amount is reimbursed via direct deposit
    ● Reimbursement typically used for travel expenses include per diem, mileage, taxi, and tolls.

Research Administration

How is my proposal submitted?
UCF Office of Research is the only department that can submit proposals on behalf of faculty per UCF policy 4-214. On behalf of our faculty, the Research Administration Services Team (RAST) coordinates the submission of all college proposals with UCF Office of Research.

What do I do when I get an award?
Notify RAST as soon as you receive word that you will be receiving the award. UCF Office of Research will officially accept the award and review the terms and conditions.

Sponsored Programs: Contracts and Grants

  • Review proposal documents and internal budget
  • Complete and sign necessary assurances, certifications and representations
  • Submit fully routed and approved proposals to agency
  • Review, negotiate and accept agreements on behalf of the university (including modifications to existing awards)
  • Upload award/contract/agreement for legal review in legal contract system as required

Grants Accounting

  • Project setup
  • Sponsored research financial reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Collecting payments
  • Project closeout (including transfer of residual amounts)

Working with UCF Office of Research
Your RAST coordinator will work with you on any matter that require Office of Research attention.

Award Management
UCF Office of Research oversees the following post award services:

  • Official liaison with sponsor
  • Conflict of interest
  • Responsible conduct of research
  • Export compliance
  • Effort reporting and certification
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Facility Security
  • Office of Animal Welfare