When and Where does SCEC Chapter 0845 meet?

The Student CEC organization does not have a dedicated meeting time, because we are always available by email at scec@mail.ucf.edu. Check the lobby of the education complex building and the Teaching Academy for flyers and handouts. You can also check out our website for upcoming service opportunities and ways to get involved.

Future Events

We are looking forward to an exciting and educational year ahead. Some things to look forward to are:

UCP Bailes Halloween Bash
UCP Bailes Fall Festival
Autism Walk
Heart Walk
Special Olympics

If you are interested in getting involved already, there are many service learning opportunities available to SCEC students.

Service Learning Opportunities

UCP Bailes

The Bailes Campus is an inclusive charter school that focuses on technology integration, the arts, and project-based learning, UCP Bailes is currently working with the University of Central Florida to build a model school program in which students with and without disabilities learn and grow together while pursuing the highest possible academic goals. UCP Bailes is offering volunteer opportunities in the classroom as well as looking for volunteers to work specifically with their Halloween Bash and their Fall Festival.


  1. Please register your interest through ucpcfl.org/service-learners
    *your name needs to go through the central site
  2. Reactivate your ADDITIONS (Not required for Fall Festival volunteers)
  3. Go to ucpbailesserviceorientation2017.sched.com to sign up for your orientation
  4. Wait for response email from Annette Romualdo, regarding orientation availability.
  5. Attend orientation (1.5 hours) at UCP.
  6. Receive link to begin signing up for service learning times.

Down Syndrome Foundation Program

Want more hands on experience working with students with disabilities? The Down Syndrome Foundation program is looking for volunteers one Saturday a month until February.

  • You can sign up to volunteer one Saturday or multiple Saturdays
  • Programs run from 11:15am to 1:15pm.
  • The College and Career Readiness Program is ages 16 and up and includes introducing supports across campus.

Questions? Contact Jillian Schreffler at jschreffler@knights.ucf.edu.