Executive functions are crucial mental skills that help students plan and achieve goals. At Project FOCUS (Focusing, Organizing, Coaching, Undergraduates for Success), we support students struggling with planning, anxiety, memory, organization and emotional control by providing strategies to improve their academic performance.

Our coaches develop personalized, comprehensive plans that teach students self-regulating strategies to help them plan and manage time effectively, remember instructions, concentrate their attention and juggle multiple tasks successfully.

Coaching Sessions

The program consists of 10 coaching sessions with a cost of $10 per session. Financial assistance is available. Students who wish to join the program attend an initial face-to-face consultation to better understand their needs. In session two, they meet with a coach to develop their personalized plan. All coaching sessions, except the initial consultation, can be attended virtually or in-person. All sessions must be paid for in advance.


Session 1:
Initial Consultation and Assessment Face-to-Face


Session 2:
Develop Personalized Plan


Sessions 3-9:
Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions


Session 4:
Final Evaluation

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