The overarching purpose of the Center for Decision Support Systems and Informatics is to synthesize new algorithms, techniques, technologies, methodologies, and tools for advancing the decision support science and train the next generation of scientists who would specialize in this science. This center was founded by Dr. Varadraj P. Gurupur and Dr. Thomas T.H. Wan who have strong background in this area of research. The faculty associated with this center have established collaborative projects with local industry partners with the objective of contributing the research outcomes in improving the community in greater Orlando area.

Core Objectives

  1. Synthesizing innovative algorithms, software tools, and technologies that can aid decision support to impact communities in a positive way
  2. Bolster innovations that facilitate transdisciplinary science related to decision support systems and
  3. Train the next generation of researchers in the aforementioned areas of research.
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UCF's School of Global Health Management and Informatics ranks among the top 40 Health Administration programs in the nation. The Center for Decision Support Systems and Informatics embodies the goals of the department, and the College of Community Innovation and Education.

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