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Career Opportunities The career opportunities for graduates in criminal justice are unlimited. Graduates can become police, correctional or probation officers, administrators, police chiefs, crime analysts, private security administrators, superintendents, sheriffs, attorneys, program directors or elected officials. The outlook for students entering law enforcement or the correctional fields is expected to be good. Although the level […]

Career Roadmap

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Career Roadmap Are you interested in criminal justice but not sure what to do after graduating from UCF? Do you want to work at a local, state or federal agency or in the private sector? Do you want to be a sworn officer — a professional with arrest powers who usually carries a gun and […]

Research Projects

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Research Projects Current/Recent Grants 2017 UCF Student Support for Orange County Corrections Division PI: Roberto Hugh Potter, Ph.D. $16,392, 2/1/2017-12/31/2018 Orange County Board of Commissioners 2017-2018 UCF Student Support for the Orange County Sheriff”s Office PI: Will Moreto, Ph.D. $69,312, 11/1/2017-10/31/2018 Orange County Sheriff’s Office Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program PI: Kristina Fisher, Ph.D. […]

Faculty Research – Criminal Justice

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Faculty Research Overview The Department of Criminal Justice conducts quality research and pursues local, state and federal funding to advance knowledge in the discipline. By actively developing meaningful partnerships, the department provides exemplary service to the university and broader professional and academic community. Research Interests