Welcome to the culminating and most exciting segment of your Initial Teacher Preparation Program: the internship experience. You engaged in rigorous coursework, learned research-based, best practices and are now ready to apply what you learned in the real-world setting of the classroom. This invaluable experience is made possible through the collaborative work with our district partners, administrators and collaborating teachers.

The Office of Clinical and Field Experiences is available to help you throughout your internship.


Counselor Education, Summer 2021
February 1 - March 1

Educational Leadership, Summer 2021
January 15 - February 1

Early Childhood Development, Summer 2021
February 1 - February 15

School Counseling, Fall 2021
April 1 - April 15

Early Childhood Seminar, Fall 2021
March 15 - March 31

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Monday - Friday | 8AM - 5PM
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Dress professionally and have copies of your resume, as you will have the ability to meet and introduce yourself to many representatives from school districts all across Florida. We also invite any Alumnis to join us for this event.
All Spring 2021 Intern I Secondary Education students will attend the Virtual Internship I Seminar. You are excused from your internship to attend this seminar. Please make sure to inform your supervising teacher, ahead of time, that you will be…
All Spring 2021 Intern I Elementary Education students will attend the Virtual Internship I Seminar from 9:00 am to 3:00pm Professional dress required. A virtual invitation will be sent to you via your knights email.
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