The Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida provides excellence in teaching, research, service, and community engagement leading to academic excellence and engaged student learning, while addressing our most pressing social problems and supporting our community.

As a top enrolled program on campus, the Department of Criminal Justice collaborates on college and university-wide initiatives and programs that have worked to strengthen and support faculty, staff, and students, facilitate teaching and research collaborations, and inspire faculty excellence to advance the campus mission of research, teaching, community partnerships, and entrepreneurship. Our academic program teams and faculty are committed to engaging and inclusive teaching, experiential learning, student internships, research intensive experiences, and other high impact initiatives that support the educational environment of students that will contribute to the strategic mission of the University of Central Florida.

The Department will continue to work to foster and maintain a collegial environment that promotes creative and problem-based scholarship, innovative transdisciplinary curriculum, and high impact learning experiences leading to excellence in teaching, research, and community engaged partnerships.