The mission of the School of Global Health Management and Informatics is to leverage innovative approaches to education and research to promote health, inform policy, and create global and community partnerships with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. With multiple undergraduate and graduate programs in the health administration and health informatics fields, our experienced faculty develop engaging curriculum to help build globally minded, locally engaged leaders in the healthcare industry.

Vision and Values

To prepare globally minded, locally engaged leaders and scholars in the healthcare industry and foster a reputation of excellence and impact in research.

The School of Global Health Management and Informatics in the College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida holds the following values:

  • Innovation: We strive to solve the most critical problems of today and tomorrow through transformative methods that push conventional boundaries in research and teaching.
  • Inclusion: We promote and encourage a supportive climate where diversity is welcomed and valued.
  • Integrity: We commit to the practice of ethical standards, both professional and personal, with an honest, transparent and unbiased approach.
  • Impact: We foster meaningful and sustainable pedagogy, research and partnerships to promote health both locally and globally.
  • Excellence: We aim for relevant high-quality, evidence-based practice in teaching and research.

School History

Since 1972, the School of Global Health Management and Informatics has evolved into a dynamic unit through the power of innovation and collaboration among faculty, staff and visionaries. From the first degree program to achieving school status, journey with us over the past 50 years to see the evolution of a school passionate about educating future healthcare professionals.