Do you need legal studies, career or law school advising? We offer advising to current and prospective students.

We are available to assist you as you progress through your legal studies academic career at UCF.

How to Reach Us

Department of Legal Studies
UCF Downtown
Dr. Phillips Academic Commons
(DPAC), Suite 430
Phone: 407-823-1670

How to Prepare for Your Appointment


Review the Undergraduate Catalog, Pegasus Path and myKnight Audit via myUCF before your appointment. If you plan to seek guidance on course selection, you can prepare a draft schedule using these resources.


Have access to a laptop or computer during your video or phone appointment so you can view websites and access your audit/records.


Choose a location for your appointment that is private and free of distractions.


Take notes during your appointment and keep them in a safe place so you can access them at a later date.


We will take extra steps to confirm your identity during remote advising sessions. Be prepared to provide identifying information.


The first step is to apply! UCF has spring, summer and fall admission, so take note of the appropriate deadline and apply early.

The only difference between the two is foreign language: The B.A. degree requires two semesters of foreign language while the B.S. degree requires two years of high school foreign language.

Professors expect the same level of initiative and hard work in both programs. The workload is the same, but the modality is different.

The program can take anywhere from four to six semesters due to the sequence of core class offerings and whether or not you take summer classes.

The legal studies major is an excellent choice for those interested in attending law school. Students get a solid foundation of law application, legal research and legal writing. Students are also prepared for law-related careers. However, it is important to understand that this degree is suitable for any career. Law is everywhere — not just in law school. The legal studies minor is a great option for those with an interest in law.

The legal studies program is not a paralegal degree. However, legal studies graduates have obtained employment in this field. Many law firms and organizations seek out legal studies graduates.

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