Community collaboration is the foundation of the Department of Legal Studies’ mission. We would not be nearly as successful without the support of lawyers, paralegals, judges and other legal professionals in our local community. These volunteers host interns, guest lecture in classes and play the role of judge in Moot Court and Mock Trial competitions.

UCF and the Department of Legal Studies offer students a variety of opportunities to get involved on campus and within their program of study. Students can join teams related to the law, such as Mock Trial or Moot Court, or they can participate in groups on campus related to the legal profession and law school preparation.

Whether we’re partnering on grant proposals, providing a platform for attorneys to discuss recent court rulings or connecting with volunteers, we’re making a difference for our students and our community — together. Please email the Department of Legal Studies if you are interested in getting involved.


Students who participate in Mock Trial are given simulated practice in the courtroom. Members gain presentation and public speaking skills as well as the opportunity to translate the laws and regulations they’re learning about in class into a case.

Contact: TBD

Members of Moot Court are the highest quality of advocates and orators, who collaborate on the merits of ethics, case law and representation. Students simulate an oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Contact: Eric Merriam

Students of any major can compete in groups of three to imitate the mediation process between two parties involved in a dispute. Students can strengthen their debate and negotiation skills.

Contact: Christy Foley

Undergraduate Law Journal

The UCF Undergraduate Law Journal is a student-composed and student-edited law journal that contributes to the intellectual debate on contemporary, interdisciplinary issues. The Department of Legal Studies publishes one volume a year during the spring semester. Writing and editing the law journal affords students a hands-on and deep understanding of the process of writing for publication, editing the work of others and creating a journal.

The editorial board consists of undergraduate students nominated by legal studies faculty members and selected by Professor James Beckman, the journal’s advisor. Student editors and authors engage in a unique, hands-on learning experience, typically reserved for law students. 

James Beckman

James Beckman, J.D., LL.M.
Undergraduate Law Journal Advisor

Undergraduate Law and Policy Research Lab

The UCF Undergraduate Law and Policy Research Lab provides students the opportunity to explore the law through an empirical lens. Students examine and uncover how the law works, how cases are decided, the decision-making process, how legal professionals function, and what influences the processes and outcomes.

Contact Professor Alisa Smith for more information.


Alisa Smith, J.D., Ph.D.
Undergraduate Law and Policy Research Lab Advisor

Study Abroad

Currently on hiatus until Summer 2023.

United Kingdom: Comparative Law Study Abroad Program

Tally-ho to jolly old England!

In partnership with a university in the United Kingdom, the Department of Legal Studies hosts an annual study abroad program in England.

Students visit diverse locations while taking classes for two weeks. Excursions within England include London, Parliament, Westminster, Old Bailey, Coventry University, Birmingham and Stratford Upon Avon.

Students in any academic program, undergraduate or graduate, may apply.

Requirements for acceptance include the following:

  •  Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • An interest in learning about and discussing international law
  • A love of Her Majesty, fish and chips, and old castles
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