Dr. Aline Zghayyar Abassian ‘12 ‘14MS ‘18PhD is a lecturer of mathematics education in the School of Teacher Education. She teaches mathematics methods and content courses for prospective elementary and secondary teachers. Dr. Abassian previously taught high school mathematics. Her teaching experience inspired her research focus to examine mathematical knowledge for teaching and using mathematical modeling and technology to foster equitable student learning of mathematical concepts. She presented her work at numerous academic conferences, including the annual and research conferences of the National Council of Teachers, the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, and the Research Council on Mathematical Learning. Dr. Abassian is a member of these professional organizations, as well as Kappa Delta Pi — the International Honor Society in Education. She also published manuscripts related to her work in various peer-reviewed academic journals. She was awarded multiple honors at UCF, including the Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant, the Doctoral Research Support Award and the Graduate Dean’s Fellowship award. At UCF, Dr. Abassian received a master’s degree in teacher leadership with a mathematics education focus, and a doctorate in education with an emphasis in mathematics education.