The School of Teacher Education offers various resources to support students throughout their academic program.

Florida Teacher Certification Exam Workshops
To be certified as a teacher in the state of Florida, teacher candidates are required to pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE). To help teacher candidates prepare for the exam, we offer free FTCE workshops and small group sessions.

Student Learning & Licensure (SLL) by Watermark™Students in educator preparatio
n programs within the college use the web-based assessment platform, Student Learning & Licensure (SLL) by Watermark™ , to track their progress toward mastery in specified areas of professional knowledge called standards.

ESOL Infusion
Teacher candidates whose subject areas include teaching language arts develop more in-depth knowledge and skills for teaching English learners. UCF offers the ESOL endorsement through an approach called “ESOL infusion,” which means that a substantial part of the ESOL endorsement curriculum is embedded into courses other than ESOL program (i.e., TSL prefix) courses.

Code of Professional Conduct
The School of Teacher Education expects current and future educators to possess and exhibit professional dispositions and behaviors deemed essential to success as a professional educator. Assessment of these professional dispositions is integrated into key formative and summative standards-based performance assessments in initial and advanced educator preparation programs in the unit. See the Code of Professional Conduct.

Curriculum Materials Center
The Curriculum Materials Center is a library located in the Education Complex that provides PreK- 12 grade materials for preview, analysis and circulation to students.