Nancy Hughes Brasel is a Senior Instructor at the University of Central Florida in the Early Childhood Development and Education program and holds a master’s degree from the University of Central Florida. Ms. Brasel has been in the field of education since 1988, teaching at the elementary school, community college and university levels. As a college instructor, Ms. Brasel believes in creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment that encourages students to actively participate in their educational journey. Her teaching and research interests are early literacy, children’s literature, social emotional development and classroom management. Ms. Brasel’s teaching philosophy centers on the idea that every student has the potential to excel, and she strives to create opportunities for students to discover their strengths and overcome challenges. While at the University of Central Florida, she has earned four exemplary teaching awards and has been promoted twice. Ms. Brasel is an active participant in departmental activities and campus initiatives. She has contributed to curriculum development, served on various academic committees, and facilitated workshops on effective teaching practices. Ms. Brasel is also involved in scholarly research, presenting her work at academic conferences and sponsored Kappa Delta Pi, an educational honor society, for many years.

Area of Expertise

Early Childhood Development and Education


Teaching RED 3310 Milk and Muffins section, delivered off campus at the Callahan Neighborhood Center in Parramore district of downtown Orlando. Students in the course received course content while working with preschool and early childhood students and families in a hands-on, developmentally appropriate manner, infusing authentic assessment with effective literacy teaching strategies. Research data is being collected on preservice teachers’ perceptions of working with populations in urban poverty settings.


  • ARE 2011: Art and Creativity for Young Children
  • EDE 4223: Integrating Arts & Movement in the Elementary School
  • EDF 3307: Learning Environments and Guidance
  • EDF 3740: Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • EDG 4410: Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management
  • EEC 2732: Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children
  • EEC 3008: Children’s Literature for Young Children
  • EEC 3268: Play Development
  • EEC 3610: Social and Emotional Development of Children
  • EEC 3613: Observation and Assessment of Young Children
  • EEC 3700: Social and Emotional Development of Young Children
  • EEC 3930C: Early Childhood Education Seminar – Bridging Theory to Practice
  • EEC 3940: Integration Internship and Seminar for Early Childhood Education EEC 4207 Assessment and Evaluation of Young Children
  • EEC 4235C: Early Childhood Education Seminar
  • EEC 4268: Curriculum Activities in Early Childhood
  • EEC 4303: Planning Creative Activities in Early Childhood
  • EEC 4603: Guiding Young Children’s Behavior
  • EEC 4604: Classroom Management and Guidance of Young Children
  • EEC 4661: Early Childhood Education Theory and Practice
  • EEC 4731: Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children
  • EEC 4906: Independent Study
  • EEC 4932: Special Topics
  • LAE 3414: Children’s Literature
  • MUE 2210: Music and Movement for Young Children
  • RED 3012: Foundations of Reading
  • RED 3310: Emerging Literacy
  • RED 4311: Development of Literacy