Dr. Rebecca Hines is an Associate Professor in special education at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Hines leads two doctoral level teacher preparation grants, including one with a focus on transition and inclusion. She helped create UCF’s postsecondary program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Inclusive Education Services, as well as a College and Career Prep program with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida. Her current projects include Project RAISE, an investigation into the use of artificial intelligence and robotics to support the communication and self-regulation goals of children with autism, and DEBRIEFSCAPE, the development of a customized teacher training program tailored to individual needs.

With degrees and teaching experience in both general and special education, she has taught as a language arts teacher, a teacher of students with severe emotional disturbance in a self-contained setting, and as a middle school co-teacher. Her rich experiences working in and researching inclusive settings have led Rebecca to speak at seminars and conferences across the country. She specializes in inclusion, collaboration, behavior, and technology.