Children’s Literature and Building Empathy in Classrooms

September 13, 2019 by
Some commercial products and activities used in schools can teach artificial lessons in honesty, compassion and empathy, says Sherron Roberts, who is a professor of English language arts education. But in her research, Roberts found quality children’s literature offers authentic, complex and effective ways for children to engage in vicarious conversations about ethical questions.

KnightED Talks Student Showcase Engages Generations of Learners

April 18, 2019 by
Teacher education students recently presented professional strategies and techniques to their peers and heard from veteran teachers about student engagement at the KnightED Talks Student Showcase hosted by the School of Teacher Education . The showcase provides an opportunity for students to present at a conference prior to graduation and learn from their UCF teacher-candidate peers. High school students participating in teaching academies in their districts also joined the showcase this year for the first time.