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The educatorsrising@UCF Orlando provides resources to help teacher candidates understand the teaching profession and become connected with other future teachers.

Our Goals
Educators Rising goals are to promote the teaching profession, provide students with resources to help them understand the profession and help students be connected with other future teachers.

Our Mission
Educators Rising provides personal growth opportunities through leadership opportunities, community involvement, support, and educator partnerships.

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Congratulations for considering membership in the educatorsrising@UCF Orlando. Membership provides opportunities to learn more about the teaching profession and an opportunity to serve in a leadership role. Expect to make a positive difference for yourself and your colleagues in the professional education community.

Membership Benefits
Membership Application

Student Awards

Each year the UCF College of Community Innovation and Education, the UCF SGA, Phi Delta Kappa and the Future Educators Association award scholarships to prospective teacher candidates.

UCF Scholarships
The College offers academic year assistantships and fellowships as a means for financial assistance.

SGA has your financial future covered! Every fall the SGA Scholarship committee meets to create new and diversified scholarships which are then released and available for all UCF students to apply for.

PDK Prospective Educators Scholarship
The PDK Educational Foundation awards more than 30 scholarships each year to prospective educators who have a connection to PDK through membership in FEA or by having a family member or teacher who is a PDK member.


Member Meetings

  • Educatorsrising@UCForlando Leadership meetings are for the purpose of maintaining and improving the association.
  • Educatorsrising@ucforlando Member meetings are for the purpose of conducting association business
    and planning of events, such as the Majors Fair, Educators Rising Conferences (local, state and national),
    and the Service-Learning Showcase.
  • Officers and Committee Chairs make this a commitment, however all members are welcome.

Event Schedule

Educators Rising Test Prep Workshops
To be certified as a teacher in the state of Florida, candidates are required to pass a series of three tests. The educatorsrising@UCForlando promotes a series of workshops designed for 100% first-attempt success!

Educators Rising Micro Credentials Workshop
educatorsrising@UCForlando members having a new and exciting opportunity to demonstrate their competence in and mastery of a particular skill through micro credentialing. These workshops will enlighten members on steps to earn micro credentials or digital badges, as a way to receive recognition for their professional growth and to showcase their professional skill set.


Officers are expected to represent the standards of UCF academic integrity and abide by the Golden Rule Student Handbook. Additionally, they are expected to be full-time students (fall & spring semesters), maintain a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate the pre-professional decorum expected by the teaching profession.

Interested in being more involved with Educators Rising? You can become a Committee Chair or serve on one of our committees. Our current committees are membership, leadership, awards, communication, and events. If you are interested in one of these positions or being on a committee, please email Bianca Lane (President).

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