Modified Core


Educational Leadership and Higher Education


If an individual holds a graduate degree with a major other than educational leadership, certification may be obtained through completion of a state-approved modified program in educational leadership. UCF's modified core coursework consists of eight courses, which includes an administrative internship. Successful completion of the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) is required for certification.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to complete the modified core coursework only, and who do not wish to pursue a degree, should complete the online application for non-degree seeking student status.

Approved Coursework

Students may complete UCF's modified core coursework in two ways. Complete as:

  1. a stand-alone non-degree seeking student. These students should finalize their admission as a UCF non-degree seeking student; or
  2. as part of an Education Specialist or Education Doctorate (EdD) in Educational Leadership. Students seeking admission must apply and be admitted to their respective programs.  Students interested in pursuing either an EdS in Educational Leadership or EdD in Education Leadership - Executive Track should review additional information on the program websites and consult with the faculty contact.


  • EDA 6061 Organization and Administration of Schools
  • EDA 6232 Legal Aspects of School Operations
  • EDA 6240 Educational Financial Affairs
  • EDA 6260 Educational Systems Planning and Management
  • EDA 6931 Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership
  • EDS 6123 Educational Supervisory Practices I
  • EDS 6130 Educational Supervisory Practices II
  • EDA 6946 Administrative Internship

Total Minimum Hours Required (24)

Administrative Internship Application Deadlines

  • Spring internship: Submit application by October 1
  • Summer internship: Submit application by February 1
  • Fall internship: Submit application by May 1

Download the Administrative Internship.

To complete your Internship Application visit

If you need assistance with your internship application, please email or call (407) 823-2518.

Certification Process

Students are responsible for initiating the certification process.  Below are the steps required to initiate the process of obtaining Florida Educational Leadership certification:

  1. After students complete the required courses and pass the FELE, contact the faculty advisor to request a review of transcripts. Be sure to wait until grades are posted before making a request.
  2. Once approved, the UCF Registrar’s Office will stamp the transcript indicating successful completion of the modified core.
  3. Students submit a request to the UCF Registrar’s Office to have official transcripts sent to the Florida Department of Education.
  4. Submit an online application for Level I Administrative Certification through the Florida Department of Education.

The details provided herein are interpretations of the college. Final decisions, interpretations, and certification approval are the province of the Florida Department of Education. For reference purposes, see State Rule 6A-4.0082, Specialization Requirements for Certification in Educational Leadership Administrative Class. You may also contact the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Educator Certification.