Dr. Dan Ezell is an associate professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in the College of Community Innovation and Education in the School of Teacher Education. Dr. Ezell has been teaching for UCF since the fall of 1997. Dr. Ezell started his educational career as a special education teacher in Louisiana in 1990. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and his doctorate degree in special education from The University of Alabama. Prior to joining UCF, he was a visiting assistant professor for two years at The University of Alabama. Dr. Ezell is also a professional magician and performs magic shows using the stage name “Dr. Dan The Magic Man.” He is fondly called “Dr. Dan” by his children’s audiences and also by many of his college students. Dr. Ezell loves to sprinkle a few magic tricks in his lectures to help illustrate various content and make his lectures more interesting. His focus with his magic shows is to promote the “Magic of Kindness,” which is also a theme he shares with his college students. Dr. Ezell shares with his college students that treating people with kindness is of utmost importance, especially to individuals with disabilities who need to be accepted, included and appreciated. He takes great pride in using his magician skills to make learning fun. Dr. Ezell’s research focus has always included individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Because of his passion for the art of magic, his research and service interests include advocation for creative performing arts in exceptional education and creating positive social experiences for individuals with disabilities by using magic tricks and peer buddy programs as a means for inclusion and acceptance of individuals with special needs. These programs are used as tools to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, self-determination, public speaking skills and social skills of student with disabilities with a focus of increasing friendships with their non-disabled peers. Dr. Ezell’s main goals in life are to promote kindness and prepare the next generation of teachers to make learning fun by combining entertainment and education. Dr. Ezell’s favorite message to his college students is to make learning fun because all students deserve to have an awesome teacher.