The School of Teacher Education (STE) provides quality professional education programs to students entering careers as educators and trainers, and to practicing teachers seeking to enhance their professional knowledge and skills through advanced studies. STE offers undergraduate and graduate degree options in the following program areas: Early Childhood Development and Education, Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, and Secondary Education, which includes Art, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages Education. Additionally, several minors and graduate certificate programs are available.

Education Interns:

You are invited to participate in a NEW model of teacher preparation at the University of Central Florida! In this Enhanced Preparation Model, a university Professor-in-Residence and school district instructional coaches will collaborate with you and your supervising teacher to learn about teaching students with diverse needs within the classroom!

To learn more about our project, please visit TQPdowntownexperience.org.

Academic Programs
The college’s educator preparation programs are approved by the Florida Department of Education.
What Makes Us Unique

Practical Experience
Through strong partnerships with public and private schools, non-profit organizations, and community agencies and centers, STE provides students with multiple opportunities to engage in embedded field experiences, service learning, student teaching, and research.

Professional Learning
Education students supplement their coursework and field experiences through weekly professional learning workshops called KnightED Talks. University faculty, certified PreK-12 educators, and school administrators with expertise in areas relevant to teaching conduct free workshops on topics such as classroom management, teacher evaluation, and tips for interviewing for a teaching position.

Technology Innovation
TeachLivE™ is a mixed-reality classroom with simulated students that provides teachers the opportunity to develop their pedagogical practice in a safe environment that does not place real students at risk. This lab provides teacher and educator preparation experiences and research via a mixed reality environment at UCF and other U.S. universities. TeachLivE™ is a UCF product designed to prepare or retrain pre-service and in-service teachers.

Strong Job Outlook
There is a demand for highly qualified full-time teachers in the state of Florida. Our initial teacher preparation programs equip students to secure teaching positions. Students graduate with Florida teacher certification. Teacher education students graduate with Florida teacher certification and some graduate with an ESOL and Reading Endorsement.

  • ESOL Endorsement: Early Childhood Development and Education PK-3 (BS), Elementary Education (BS, MA), English Language Arts Education (BS, MAT), and Exceptional Student Education (BS, MA)
  • Reading Endorsement: Early Childhood Development and Education PK-3 (BS) Elementary Education (BS, MA), Exceptional Student Education (BS), and Reading Education Graduate Certificate

Lifelong Learning Option
For undergraduate students pursuing educational careers outside of traditional schools, STE offers a non-certification lifelong learning track that is available in Career and Technical Education, Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, and Secondary Education/K-12 Education. This program prepares graduates for employment in a broad spectrum of professional opportunities including museums, science centers, theaters, zoos, theme parks, youth camps, and business and industry settings.

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