To be certified as a teacher in the state of Florida, teacher candidates are required to pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE). The purpose of the FTCE is to ensure that all teacher candidates demonstrate the necessary content and pedagogical knowledge necessary to effectively instruct students in Florida. The FTCE includes the following tests: General Knowledge Test (GK), Professional Education Test (PEd) and Subject Area Examinations.


FTCE Workshops are conducted in a classroom setting. Problems are worked out on a white board and testing strategies are taught simultaneously. The workshops are free and do not require a RSVP.

Free FTCE Workshops

The School of Teacher Education offers free FTCE Workshops and small group sessions to help teacher candidates to prepare for the GKT, SAE, and PET.

Workshop Calendar

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions allow students to work on questions from the GKT and SAE in small groups or independently with the aid of an instructor. Bring your own study material(s) with specific questions, or allow us to provide you with a worksheet.  Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil. Limited seating available.


General Knowledge Test (GK)

The General Knowledge Test assesses the skills and knowledge all candidates need to begin effective careers as professional educators. The multiple-choice format includes separate subtests in English Language Skills, Reading and Mathematics. Also included is a written essay. Resource materials for each sub-test are available on Pearson’s FTCE website. Select a General Knowledge Test subtest via the drop-down menu to access test-specific resources.

Subject Area Examinations (SAE)

The Subject Area Examinations are designed to test for knowledge of subject matter. There are 39 different SAEs. Test Information Guides for each SAE are available on Pearson’s FTCE website.

Professional Education Test (PET)

The Professional Education Test is related to knowledge about professional education competencies. This 120-question multiple choice test is built on the Florida Educators Accomplished Practices (FEAPs). The FTCE Professional Education Test is a test of knowledge based on eight (8) competencies: Instructional Design and Planning, Learning Environment, Teaching Strategies, Assessment Strategies, Professional Improvement, Ethics and Professional Conduct, English Language Learners, and Reading and Literacy. Resource materials for the PET are available on Pearson’s FTCE website. Select Professional Education Test via the drop down menu to access resources.

FTCE Mathematics

The School of Teacher Education has prepared in-person and online resources to assist teacher candidates for first-attempt success on the FTCE Mathematics sections of the GK and SAE (K-6).

FTCE Mathematics Workshop Series are available. Participants are not required to come to every session or stay for an entire session. You are welcome to come-and-go as your schedule allows. Free and no reservation required.



Test Information Guides are provided by the Florida Department of Education.


Test Information Guides include a practice test. Utilize your score to determine what to study.

Study & Practice

Utilize the test-taking strategies practiced in the workshop. Then, take the self-assessment test again
and compare your score to the Percent-to-Pass.


You are now prepared to utilize the knowledge and skills learned at the workshop and the confidence gained through self-assessment, study, and practice. Thanks in advance for your first-attempt success! Review the percentage of correct questions needed to pass each exam.

Writing Assistance @ The UCF Writing Center

UCF students preparing for the FTCE are encouraged to practice sample essay topics, and then schedule a consultation with a peer tutor in the University Writing Center to discuss your writing.

Registration and Reporting

How to register

UCF Testing Center

FTCE testing is now available here on the Main campus for everyone. Visit the UCF Testing Center to learn more.

Test Registration
Register for all components of the FTCE.

Test Dates, Sites and Directions
The FTCE is available year round by appointment, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays).
Learn more about test dates, testing sites and directions.

Special SAEs
The following SAEs are offered only at certain sites and not at the UCF Main Campus Test Center:
Art K–12, French K–12, German K–12, Hearing Impaired K–12, Music K–12, Spanish K–12, and Speech 6–12. Learn more about the test dates and testing sites for the special SAEs.

Score Reporting

When registering for any section of the FTCE, indicate University of Central Florida (Institution Code: 5233) as the institution that you want to receive your scores.

For those who are successful, an unofficial score of “PASSED” will appear on the screen at the completion of the test. A copy of your score report will be sent directly to the school district, college, or university you indicated when you registered. In addition, your passing scores will be submitted electronically to the Bureau of Educator Certification.

Not Passed
For those who do not have a successful attempt, an unofficial “NOT PASSED” will appear with a scale score. This score is not a direct indicator of how many questions were answered correctly, but can provide and overall view of the attempt. The scale score for the GKT, SAE's and PEDT is up to 200.

Learn more about FTCE Scoring.