Dr. Norine Blanch is an associate lecturer at the University of Central Florida in the College of Community Innovation and Education School of Teacher Education. She earned bachelor's degrees in Physical & Health Education (1993), and Primary/Junior Education (1995) from University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Additionally, Dr. Blanch earned her Master of Education degree in Teaching & Learning from Brock University, St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada. In 2013, after a long career as an educator and vice principal, Dr. Blanch journeyed to the University of Central Florida where she completed her Ph.D. in Elementary Education in 2016. Her dissertation was titled: Examining Elementary Preservice Teacher Efficacy to Teach Writing in a Title 1 School: A Mixed Method Study of a School-based Teacher Education Course Intervention. Dr. Blanch currently teaches courses in language arts and integrated arts at UCF, with a special focus on preparing preservice teachers to be efficacious teachers of writing in diverse elementary classrooms. Norine enjoys supporting interns in their school placements, and traveling to regional campuses in Lake County. She is continuing to ensure that preservice teachers have school-based experiences by building partnerships between school districts and UCF in order to allow authentic experiences to be realized. She welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other professionals interested in furthering school-based research at the state, national, or international level.

Areas of Expertise
  • Elementary Education
  • Language Arts in the Elementary School
  • Integrated Arts

Ph.D. in Elementary Education
University of Central Florida


Research Interests
  • Teaching Writing in High-Needs Schools
  • School-Based Teacher Education Coursework
  • Urban Education