The Physical Education program works to support prospective teachers to learn the knowledge and skills to be effective Physical Education teachers in local K-12 schools (education track) or in informal education settings (lifelong learning track). Coursework includes biology and physiology, P.E. Theory, methods, and application courses as well as options for courses focused on coaching, exercise science, athletic training, and nutrition.

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Faculty Contact: Patricia Lanier, M.A.
Academic Program Coordinator: Vicky Zygouris-Coe, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science

Teacher Education (BS) – Physical Education

The Teacher Education BS – Physical Education program offers students the option of two tracks: Education and Lifelong Learning (non-certification). The Education Track is appropriate for students interested in opportunities for employment with formal, K-12 schools that require certification. The Lifelong Learning Track is appropriate for students seeking opportunities for employment outside formal, K-12 schools that do not require certification.

If your career plans include pursuing state-regulated professional licensure or certification in your chosen field, it is important to become educated on the credentialing requirements of the state in which you hope to practice.

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Undergraduate Minor

Physical Education

The Physical Education minor is intended for non-Physical Education majors. It is well suited for College of Community Innovation and Education, School of Teacher Education students majoring in another secondary/K-12 content area, Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education. It is also intended to provide for university students outside the School of Teacher Education (such as students enrolled in Kinesiology, Biology, or Athletic Training) a limited but substantial experience in the field of professional education.This minor is not available to students in pending status in a School of Teacher Education major.

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