Thank you for your interest in the College of Community Innovation and Education. We are a unique college, one that brings together scholars, students and staff members from a wide variety of academic disciplines to work together, and with members of local, national and international communities, to address the most pressing and complex social issues of our time.

Our faculty are experts in Counselor Education and School Psychology; Criminal Justice; Educational Leadership and Higher Education; Health Administration and Informatics; Teacher Education including Elementary, Secondary, Early Childhood and Exceptional Education; Learning Sciences and Educational Research; Legal Studies; Public Administration including Non-Profit Management, Emergency Management, Research Administration and Urban and Regional Planning; and Interdisciplinary Public Affairs. As a college, we examine questions such as:

  • What types of support are needed to enhance students’ socioemotional growth during learning activities?
  • How can a hospital patient’s health data best be managed and protected?
  • How do government and non-profit leaders influence ethical policy and actions that positively affect our increasingly diverse population?
  • How can criminal justice systems promote juvenile justice, and prevent violence against women?
  • Where and why do legal systems falter for some members of society?
  • How can we use cognition, educational psychology, computer science and technology to create the most productive learning environments, in and out of school settings?
  • What is the impact of systemic poverty on the academic performance of children, and how can school personnel help learners achieve, despite circumstances?

In the College of Community Innovation and Education, we recognize that our efforts are strengthened through collaboration, and that our understandings are heightened with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary inquiry. We are just beginning to uncover the potential of our expanded connections across the disciplines in this new college, and invite you to join us as we build on existing strengths and develop new ones.

Please explore our departments and schools, our centers and institutes, our majors, minors and certificate programs. Within the College of Community Innovation and Education, we strive to meet the needs and preferences of today’s students by offering face-to-face, hybrid, and fully online courses and degrees. Our degree programs provide opportunities for students to participate in community-embedded experiences while earning a degree. That kind of connection between academic life and life in business, government, healthcare, law, PreK-12, non-profits, criminal justice or emergency operations is one that sets the College of Community Innovation and Education apart from other academic institutions. We know that impact requires application of theory into practice, movement of intention into action.

As you explore the College of Community Innovation and Education, I hope you will reach out to one of our faculty or staff members, administrators, students or to me. Let us know which questions you are driven to explore, and how we can help you become involved as we move forward, together in addressing the most pressing and complex social issues of our time.

Pamela “Sissi” Carroll

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