Research Articles and Dissertations on Community Partnership Schools

Community Partnership Schools: Developing Innovative Practice Through University-Community Partnerships
Plante, Jarrad D., and Amy Ellis. Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.
A book that examines the Community Partnership Schools™ model, highlighting the importance of university-community connections.
The Community Schools Revolution: Building Partnerships, Transforming Lives, Advancing DemocracyA comprehensive guide exploring community schools' potential to transform education, emphasizing collaboration among educators, families, and community partners. Community Partnership Schools and the UCF Center for Community Schools are highlighted in Chapter 6.
Lowe, Brandon, "The Impact of the Community Partnership School Model on Student Self-Efficacy and Civic Engagement" (2021). Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 2020-. 897

Brandon Lowe explores the impact of the Community Partnership Schools™ (CPS) model of community schools in the areas of social self-efficacy, academic self-efficacy, emotional self-efficacy, and civic engagement beyond the point of enrollment in the school.
Plante, J. D., & Palmer, R. (2020). Supporting teachers where they are: The Community Partnership Schools™ model. In Ferdig, R.E., Baumgartner, E., Hartshorne, R., Kaplan-Rakowski, R. & Mouza, C., Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved August 16, 2020 from (see page 224).UCF Center for Community Schools' Jarrad Plante and Robert Palmer explore the power of partnership in Community Partnership Schools in an eBook on education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ellis, Amy, "The Impact of the Community Partnership Schools Model Community School on Graduation and Attendance Rates in One Florida High School." (2019). Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 2004-2019. 6313.
Amy Ellis’ dissertation identifies and describes the relationship between the Community Partnership Schools™ model and the outcomes of graduation and attendance rates at one public high school in Florida.
Maestre, Hector, "A Study on the Relationships Between Participation in Tutoring and Accountability Measures in One Urban High School" (2015). Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 2004-2019. 1229.
Hector Maestre’s dissertation examines the influence of after-school tutoring on statewide assessments among participating students at an urban high school (a Community Partnership School) in Florida.