Beginning with Evans High School in 2010, University of Central Florida serves as the University partner for multiple central Florida Community Partnership Schools. Through the Center for Community Schools, a representative serves as a connector between the school and UCF.  As a University-Assisted partner, UCF strives to understand the needs of a Community Partnership School’s local community, and link corresponding university resources to support student success and academic achievement. 

University-Assisted Partnership

Resources may include academic and/or instructional resources, university student volunteers or interns, evaluation or needs assessment expertise, and more. As UCF is positioned to engage various university faculty, community organizations, service providers, university students and local stakeholders, so too becomes the Community Partnership School. With the backing of university resources, community schools are empowered to serve as the hub of supports for their students, families, and local communities.


In the mid-1980s, University of Pennsylvania initiated a strategy to improve the conditions of impoverished Philadelphia neighborhoods. Through partnership with local schools, University of Pennsylvania leveraged university resources to meet academic, physical, emotional, and/or social needs of students and established the University-Assisted Community School approach.

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