Aligning with the University of Central Florida’s vision of being the premier partnership university, Center for Community Schools strives to advance all community schools by offering high quality and relevant research, best practices and informational resources. We assist initiatives from the earliest stages of planning through full implementation and maturation of community school development. Every community is different and needs a customized approach while focusing on fundamental community school best practices. The center provides technical assistance to school districts, non-profits and communities wishing to implement a community school approach in their area, and regularly collects and solicits feedback from technical assistance recipients to ensure the intended impact has been achieved.

Technical Assistance

What is technical assistance?

Technical Assistance is training, planning, and logistical support to facilitate the effective and efficient use of existing knowledge/information which includes but is not limited to:

UCF Center for Community Schools’ staff is available to provide community school presentations at meetings and conferences. Let us know your area of focus, and we'd be happy to accommodate your presentation need. Most common topics include Community Schools 101, Community Partnership Schools, and An Overview.

Strategic Discussion Facilitation
UCF Center for Community Schools is available to assist initiatives by facilitating planning discussions for a community school project. Strategic Planning facilitation is personalized based upon stage of development and needs to be addressed. Topics include Community School VMC (vision, mission, and core principles), partner roles and responsibilities, organizational structure, certification preparation, yearly goals and objectives, and more.

In-Person and Virtual Consultation and Coaching
Designed to build capacity for specific professional skills and practices, we provide episodic and ongoing coaching and consultation to individuals and small group collaboratives to support interactive learning. We are available for coaching and consultation in person or by phone, email, Skype or phone conferencing.

Resource Production
The center gathers and produces resources to assist community school initiatives in planning, development, and continuous improvement. Resources are available to qualifying initiatives. Resources include community school manuals, "How to" guides, project development worksheets, training modules, evidence-based community school practices, budgeting and sustainability, and more.