Nonprofit Management

Advisory Board

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Fatima Aitami
Islamic Center of Orlando

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Mark Brewer
President and CEO
Central Florida Foundation

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Wanda Curtis
Dream Village Sunshine Foundation

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David Ell
Catholic Charities of Central FL

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Anna Eskamani
State Representative
SPA alumna

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Sean Farrell
Director for Advancement
Student Success and Well Being, College of Undergraduate Studies

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Mary Ann Feldheim
Associate Professor Emerita
UCF School of Public Administration

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Elisabeth Gadd
Vice President of Development
Florida Methodist Children’s Home
SPA alumna

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Geraldine Gallagher (CHAIR)
Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Foundation Executive Director
Florida SouthWestern State College Foundation

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Eric Gray
Executive Director
Christian Service Center

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Darlene Jones
Provider Services and Relations Manager
Early Learning Coalition of Orange County

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Danielle Landaal
Program Coordinator

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Charise Liburd
Family Services Administrator
Orange County
SPA alumna

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Heather McClellan, MPA
Assistant Director
UCF Center for Community Schools

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Scott Moscrip
Light Orlando

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Haki Nkurmah
Young Fathers of Central Florida

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Rosangela Parker
Business Institute Manager
Early Learning Coalition of Orange County

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Juliana Steele
Aloha Foundation

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Georgiana Tynes
Grants Manager
Lighthouse Central Florida

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Victoria Wright
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
College of Nursing

Strategic Plan

The University of Central Florida’s Master of Nonprofit Management program is an international leader in graduate nonprofit management education and research, providing the highest quality graduate public service education for careers in the nonprofit sector. In partnership with the community, the program positively impacts the nonprofit sector through a contemporary curriculum, innovative instruction, and scholarly and applied research.


The Master of Nonprofit Management program prepares students for professional public service leadership in the nonprofit sector through a competency-based curriculum set on a foundation of ethical principles, community engagement, and scholarship that creates usable, relevant knowledge to address complex societal issues in Central Florida and beyond.

Public Service Values

The Master of Nonprofit Management program is dedicated to advancing public service values and civic leadership in the nonprofit sector. For our faculty and students, public service values are demonstrated by adhering to ethical principles of behavior and by acting in a professional manner.

Ethical Principles – We adhere to the following ethical principles of conduct as the foundation of public service:

  • Integrity – acting in a truthful, transparent manner and honoring promises;
  • Fairness – acting in way that is just and equitable to all while avoiding undue burden on the most vulnerable in our society;
  • Social Justice – identifying and addressing the unfair burdens experienced by groups of individuals through intentional and unintentional policies, laws, and societal projects and practices;
  • Benevolence – acting in a way that promotes the public good, avoids harm, and respects the worth of each individual.

Professional Principles – We adhere to the following professional principles to advance public service as a profession:

  • Commitment – passion to pursue the public interest with accountability and transparency;
  • Competence – having the most current knowledge and skills to serve the public interest with efficiency and objectivity;
  • Scholarship – to cherish and honor learning that enriches the human experience;
  • Stewardship – to accept responsibility for decisions and actions regarding the protection of organizational and public resources;
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness – to respect and value all perspectives and experiences, creating an environment that is open to all;
  • Leadership – to inspire others to advance the public interest while actively promoting democratic participation and collaboration.

Curriculum Competencies

The Master of Nonprofit Management program competencies are based on the NASPAA Universal Competencies adapted to the nonprofit sector. The MNM curriculum is based on the following competencies:

  • The ability to lead and manage in a dynamic, mission-driven nonprofit sector.
  • The ability to analyze, synthesize, think critically, solve problems and make decisions for strengthening nonprofit organizations, the nonprofit sector and society at large.
  • The ability to communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry.
  • The ability to articulate and apply a public service perspective emphasizing the role of civil society and democratic governance.
  • The ability to participate in and contribute to the policy process while functioning in the nonprofit sector.

The Strategic Plan Process

We began the strategic planning process during the summer of 2016 involving the MNM curriculum committee, including faculty, staff, librarians, members of the nonprofit advisory board, alumni, and students. The process was facilitated during spring 2017 by students in the strategic planning course. The final draft of the strategic plan was approved by faculty and the advisory board in fall 2017.

Strategic Plan Goals 2018-21

The goals of the strategic plan are aligned with the MNM logic model. Within the plan, objectives, strategies and indicators are developed to achieve each of the logic model and strategic plan meta-goals.

  • Goal 1: Prepare public service professionals for the nonprofit sector.
  • Goal 2: Create usable, relevant knowledge to address societal issues.
  • Goal 3: Positively impact the nonprofit sector in Central Florida and beyond.

Projects & Reports

Graduate students completed a service-learning project with the Community Foundation of Central Florida during the spring of 2012. Students worked with mentors from the CFCF in reviewing Donor Edge portraits to make funding recommendations.

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Central Florida Community Partners Nonprofit Conference

For over 15 years, the School of Public Administration has sponsored the Central Florida Community Partners Nonprofit Conference, which brings together academics, practitioners and local organizations for a day of networking and professional development.

Past speakers include Sister Ann Kendrick, Pam Landwirth from Give Kids the World, Bob Allen from IDEAS Orlando, and media trainer Annetta Wilson.

Typically, close to 200 nonprofit employees attend the conference, which is organized by SPA’s nonprofit advisory board and hosted on the UCF campus.

Attendees can expect many opportunities for networking with each other along with local vendors.

18th Annual Central Florida Community Partners Nonprofit Conference

10.29.19 | UCF Downtown

Held for the first time at UCF Downtown, the 2019 conference incorporated the new neighborhood by revolving around a theme of “Dream Big.” Over 100 conference attendees from nonprofits, government offices and UCF gathered for a morning of conversation about the future of Central Florida, specifically the downtown Orlando area. Walter Hawkins, Director of Urban Development for the City of Orlando presented the city’s plans for the downtown Orlando area. The keynote speaker was Dr. Pamela Carroll, Dean of the College of Community Innovation and Education at UCF.

To learn more, review the conference summary.

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Past Conferences

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17th Annual Central Florida Community Partners Nonprofit Conference
1.2.19 | In Conjunction with the 2019 Alliance Management Institute

The conference centered around a theme of innovation. Sessions focused on the most pressing issues facing nonprofit professionals — such as fundraising, communications, equity and advocacy. The keynote speaker was Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corp, a Seattle nonprofit that promotes social justice by supporting leaders of color, strengthening organizations led by communities of color, and fostering collaboration between diverse communities.

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16th Annual Central Florida Community Partners Nonprofit Conference
11.9.17 | UCF Student Union

Speakers included Richard Maladecki of the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association, Jane Callahan of Dean Mead, and Sister Ann Kendrick. A panel featuring Anna Eskamani of Planned Parenthood, Esteban Graces of Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, Kelly Cohen of Southern Strategy Group and Joe Saunders of Equality Florida.

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15th Annual Central Florida Community Partners Nonprofit Conference
2.16.16 | UCF Student Union

Speakers included Anna Eskamani of Planned Parenthood, Bob Allen of IDEAS Orlando, Staci Zavattaro of the UCF School of Public Administration and media consultant Annetta Wilson.