About Us

The UCF School of Public Administration is committed to providing quality education to current and future public service professionals so they, in turn, can change our local and global communities for the better. We strive to be a premier resource and model for advancing excellence in professional education, public service and leadership.

Our school is housed within the College of Community Innovation and Education. Located in the Dr. Phillips Academic Commons at UCF Downtown, our students are immersed in a thriving urban environment – just steps away from government offices, nonprofits and private organizations.

Our faculty research an array of topics within the public administration field, such as urban and regional planning, emergency management, nonprofit management, public policy, public affairs and research administration.

Mission and Vision


The University of Central Florida School of Public Administration engages with communities to advance knowledge and develop public service leaders equipped with ethical, managerial, and professional skills and values that promote social progress.


 The University of Central Florida School of Public Administration is nationally renowned as a cultivator of communities through its development of public and nonprofit professionals and innovative scholarship that tackles society’s ever-evolving challenges; an institution of academic and scholarly excellence that is inclusive of and accessible to all.


  • Excellence – To achieve the highest standards of behavior, quality, and professionalism in all that we do
  • Integrity - To serve in an honest and transparent manner while honoring promises
  • Public Service Leadership - To lead inclusively and inspire others to advance the public interest while actively promoting democratic participation and collaboration
  • Community – To recognize our duty and obligation to broader populations; whether those be proximate, global, scholarly, or professional
  • Diversity and Inclusion - To respect all perspectives and create an environment that is open and welcoming to all
  • Engagement – To strengthen our communities through the transformative power of shared resources, dynamic collaboration, and sustained partnerships
  • Social Justice - To identify and address the injustices experienced by groups and individuals brought about by policies, laws, and societal projects and practices

View the School of Public Administration's strategic plan.

School History

The rich and dynamic history of the School of Public Administration is a hallmark of the school’s faculty, staff and leaders, who were all dedicated to pushing public administration education at UCF to new heights. Check out our timeline below to view facts, pictures and videos that depict the school’s 40-year history.