Undergraduate Minor


Public Administration


If you are interested in a career in the nonprofit sector, you may choose to pursue the Minor in Nonprofit Management, which provides interdisciplinary classroom experience and experiential learning opportunities for students. If all of the requirements are met for the minor, students may also graduate with a national certification from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.


The 18-credit-hour Minor in Nonprofit Management includes the following two core courses. Students will also be required to complete four elective courses with either a generalist emphasis or a public affairs emphasis.

For more information, please visit the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

The operations of nonprofit organizations, including working with board of directors, volunteer services, fund-raising and grantsmanship, financial management and marketing.
Prerequisite: Junior standing
Offered in fall and spring

Admissions and Advising

Students pursuing this undergraduate minor must be in a degree-seeking program, and the minor and certification are awarded at completion of the degree program. This is an open-enrollment program, which means that there is no application process. Rather, students must complete an electronic minor declaration form. However, students are also required to enroll in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program, attend a national NLA conference and become a member of the UCF Nonprofit Knights.