UCF’s public policy programs provide a well-rounded education for students interested in conducting policy research to understand complex, societal problems. Our programs prepare you to craft solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. Whether you choose a graduate certificate or master’s degree, you will be poised to pursue a career researching, evaluating and analyzing the impact of today’s policy decisions on tomorrow’s outcomes.

What is public policy?
Policy development addresses how our public resources are used and how we interact domestically and abroad in the interest of public good. Policy professionals are tasked with evaluating policies before and after implementation to ensure that the policies adequately and efficiently address public concerns while considering the indirect effect of policy decisions. UCF public policy graduates are well-equipped with the technical skills and tools to evaluate policies that will impact our communities for years to come.

What are some of the skills I will learn in this program?
Students in the UCF public policy programs develop the knowledge and skills needed to utilize an evidence-based public policy formulation, implementation and evaluation framework to understand the interdependence of public administration and policy research; conduct research and analyze policy issues; develop policy proposals by identifying potential options; evaluate the direct and indirect impact of policy decisions; and use analytical techniques and research to inform the various stages of the policy process. Students will apply and articulate a public-focused perspective, including the involvement of community members in the budgetary process, understanding public interest and social equity, and examining how these factors are reflected in governmental fiscal administration.

What courses will I take?

Graduate Courses

  • Public Policy Analysis and Management
  • Managing Community and Economic Development
  • Environmental Planning and Policy
  • Housing Development and Planning


Where can I work with a public policy degree?

There is an increasing need for professional policy analysts and program evaluators at the local, state, national and international levels as well as at nonprofit and other nongovernmental organizations. UCF's public policy programs provide students with hands-on experience applying evidence-based public policy processes in a range of areas including environmental, transportation, economic development, disaster and crisis management, criminal justice, health, and immigration policy.

Job titles include economic development specialist, energy policy associate, immigration policy analyst, program evaluator, legislative auditor or policy advisor.

Public policy is the third fastest-growing specialization within public service education according to the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration.