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Public Administration


The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Analysis allows students to explore the areas of policy that interests them the most including tax policy, health policy, transportation policy, immigration policy or economic policy. This certificate is also designed to complement the curriculum of the Master of Public Administration.

  • 18 credit hours
  • Face-to-face and online classes
  • Evening classes


The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy and Analysis requires 18 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree, including two elective courses and the following four required courses.

This course provides an analysis of the role of the public administrator in the analysis, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy, especially at the state and local levels.
This course presents the economic concepts, relationships, and methods of analysis that are relevant for public sector management decisions and policy analysis. Basic concepts and principles such as demand, production, cost, pricing, and cost-benefit analysis are discussed. The course builds on these concepts to demonstrate the importance and usefulness of economic analysis in public sector decision-making.
This course focuses on the basic concepts and issues of conducting an evaluation. It will introduce students to a variety of research designs and related methodological tools useful for evaluating the impact of nonprofit and public programs. Students will learn methods of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating information used in evaluation reports.
This course is designed to provide the conceptual foundations, practical approaches, and analytical techniques to public policy analysis and management. How public policy is made, what roles stakeholders play in policy formulation and implementation, and what impacts public policy can produce. Students are expected to understand the political context of policy analysis and conduct policy analysis.

For more information, please view the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

Student Resources

PPA Certificate Plan of Study

Admissions and Advising

Prospective students seeking enrollment in the Public Policy Analysis Graduate Certificate should submit the following for consideration:

  • An official, sealed transcript of each college or university attended, showing a GPA of 2.5 or better
  • A current resume
  • A goal statement, no longer than two pages, addressing the following:
    • What is your reason for pursuing this certificate, and how does it fit into your future goals and plans?
    • What specific areas of public policy interest you?
    • What previous work experience do you have in the field

For more information on admissions, please contact our graduate advisor, Edlira Dursun.

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