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Strategic Plan

Advisory Board

Robert Ansley, FAICP
Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corp.

Owen Beitsch, Ph.D., FAICP, CRE
Senior Principal
Real Estate Research Consultants Inc./GAI Consultants

Bill Burns, Ph.D., PE, AICP
City of Orlando

Jacques Coulon, AICP
Planner II
City of Orlando

Michael Delk, AICP
Planning Director
City of Clearwater

Tina Demostene, AICP
Planning and Development Services Manager
City of Altamonte Springs

Dean J. Grandin, Jr., Ph.D.
City of Orlando

Emily Hanna, AICP, CPM
Development Services Manager
City of Casselberry

James Hartsfield
Osceola County

Gary Huttmann, AICP
Executive Director
Metroplan Orlando

Jason McGlashan, PE
Transportation Planning Director
HDR Engineering

Curtis Ostrodka, AICP
Director of Community Planning, VHB

Patrick Panza, AICP
Program Director
Bike/Walk Central Florida

Jim Sellen
Executive VP
Miller, Sellen, Conner & Walsh

Erin Sterk
Planning Coordinator
City of Altamonte Springs

Strategic Plan


The Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning ("MSURP") program provides superior graduate education to current and prospective planning professionals in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Administered with key social, environmental, and technological landscapes in mind, the program addresses the local to global needs for professional planners, preparing them to become leaders regionally and internationally. This requires employing critical and analytical thinking to devise and implement real-world solutions to the planning issues of today and beyond. Utilizing experiential learning, facilitated by Central Florida's uniquely diverse and inclusive planning environment, the curriculum focuses on an interdisciplinary approach providing students an integrative and comprehensive perspective on planning and management to promote more diverse, equitable, sustainable, and inclusive environments locally, nationally, and globally.


The Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning program is the preferred program of choice in the state of Florida, providing the highest quality, diverse, integrative, applied graduate education to prepare more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable communities for careers in urban and regional planning. As a national model of community partnership and service, the program is to develop well-balanced graduates who will be prepared to address challenging planning issues in a socially just and equitable manner, all within evolving metropolitan and natural environments.


In a spirit of collegiality and collaboration, the MSURP program fosters partnerships with our local community, other college and university departments, and the academic and professional community at large. The program promotes leadership through adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct. The MSURP program values diversity and multiculturalism with an active outreach and recruitment effort.

Strategic Plan Goals 2022-2027

Goal 1: Increase the recognition and outreach of the program.
Goal 2: Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into program.
Goal 3: Enhance faculty and student diversity through recruitment and retention.
Goal 4: Strengthen the curriculum to train students as future leaders.
Goal 5: Improve student recruitment and retention.
Goal 6: Enhance the curriculum.
Goal 7: Increase financial support.
Goal 8: Enhance program soft infrastructure.